Support with a Thoughtful Gift


Patients with support do better through treatment & have a brighter outlook.


Each of the products in our care packages are recommended by cancer fighters, doctors or dentists.


Better equipped to soothe stress, comfort unexpected side-effects and wrap in coziness.

Knowing what to do for a friend with cancer is not easy.

We are dedicated to help give thoughtful gifts that comfort.

cANCER patients face many challenges


Nausea soothing gifts for chemotherapy patients


Nausea can be triggered by strong smells, tastes, sounds, eye or physical movement. The packages have many natural ways to soothe nausea.

Oral care gifts for chemotherapy patients

mouth difficulties

Products that soothe discomfort, many food + nutrition tricks and oral damage prevention with dentist recommended solutions.

Sleeping Kit in the cancer care gift package


A helpful sleep kit makes it easier to get the rest needed in any environment + have the house set-up safely for those sleepless nights.

Side-Effect care package for cancer patients


Every chemo treatment can add on more unexpected side-effects to manage. We included as many recommended workarounds as we can fit.

Distraction gift ideas for cancer patients


A thoughtful gift you can give for stress is distraction + someone to talk to. We packed activities + the ability to stay connected with friends and family in all kits.

Rehydration products in the chemo care package


Chemo and Radiation can cause severe dehydration. Our cancer care packages approach re-hydrating the body from many different angles, without causing added nausea.

See care Package DIY Info here

A few popular Cancer Care Packages

Everything Chemo Package

Support the one you care about all the time with this huge gift of 75 items. 

The Chemo Appointment + Aftercare Package combined.

Better prepared for each chemo treatment and the recovery afterwards. 

Chemo Aftercare Package

When the toughest challenge of them all must be faced, every helping hand, every act of kindness, makes a difference.


This Chemo Aftercare Kit welcomes patients home and simply sets up everything that is needed, already organized, to one side - for a home, made more comfortable.

Chemo Appointment Care Package

This kit wraps a patient in warmth and coziness. Entertains to pass the time and considered many of the little things - like what treats still taste great with 'metal mouth.' 

Calming Skin Care Package

Lindi Skin care was originally developed for cancer patients. Their botanicals and antioxidants deliver ultra-hydration and combat the harsh effects of radiation and chemo treatments.


This care package wraps your friend and loved-one in all things re-hydrating for the skin.


How are these Gifts Different?

researched With Purpose

All products in our cancer care baskets are doctor, dentist or patient recommended.

We found what Cancer survivors asked for from; studies, blogs, Hospitals, Cancer Organizations, Universities and confirmed with cancer patients.

Thoughtfully useful

We sourced products with a focus on; providing multiple benefits, Organic, Natural, no artificial additives, colors, fragrances and parabens.

Even the tea bags are unbleached.

Each product was analyzed for how it can best serve the need.

time & Energy saved

A cancer diagnosis is like being hit by a train.

Their world becomes chaotic. Too much to think of and plan. Where to start?

Save your friend and their caregiver time + money researching, shopping, and preparing.

We used to sell these kits

Our many customers say they were a pleasure to give and better to receive. 

Sadly we do not sell them any longer but we are keeping the information on the site so that you can make them yourselves. 

Items that may not sound important to you can mean everything to your friend or family. 

Please continue to share your experience with making and giving your kit on our Facebook or contact page.

We would love to hear and share how you supported your loved-one in such an important time!